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Grab insight and get motivated to live your life progressively with SEASON 3 OF ON MY RADAR. The #LivingwithAnxiety series will uncover various ways that anxiety could be affecting your life with each week looking at different anxiety triggers and helpful tips to improve your state of mind. If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, endless worries, and depression… you need to stop whatever you are doing right now and join me on this 7 part series on identifying how anxiety may slowly be eating away your life. 

(Pilot) Introduction to "7 Ways anxiety might be eating away your life"

(EPS 1) Overthinking and obsessive thoughts 

(EPS 2) Lack of self-assurance and fear of judgment 

(EPS 3) Phobias and traumas 

(EPS 4) Workplace anxiety 

(EPS 5) Social anxiety

(EPS 6) Eating disorder 

(EPS 7) Insomnia and finding your journey towards a solution


On My Radar is about inspiring individuals to share their journey of transformation, self-expression, unexpected victories, and overcoming hardship, making the most of every opportunity eventually leading them to a purpose driven life. 

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A programme about attaining success

A soulful space that will enrich and enlighten your everyday living.

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Womens Programme

Women. You are queens of our nation. The mother of our home. The pride of our Children. A light always left on. You are refined in your ways. A woman of substance, substantially phased by her everyday conscience. A conscience that uplifts not just her home, but the home of her breathren. Styled as a graceful woman on her throne, empowering lives to be filled with pride, hope, love, beauty, nourishment, soul, faith. Bring your ears closer now and your mind will explode and be inspired by the words, of CoverMode.

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The journey of the self - sharing inspiring stories of people, places, and things

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