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I talk a lot, I sing a lot, I write a lot, I eat a lot, I love learning, I’m highly active and get involved in a number of projects…. possibly I suffer from ADD, OCD, OTT, ADHD . Hopefully one day all my hard work will come with a PHD (heehee – see what I did there ). Yes, Yes,  I’m also corny at times, humorous, playful, serious, chilled, chatty, graceful, motivational, a busy bee and I’m always looking on the bright side of every situation.


In the above photograph, I’m wearing a front slit dress by Cherrie Couture. I’ve styled it with red and navy blue colours and let the stripes of the slit dress create the character of this look.  I’ve teamed it up with red accessories and a navy blue scarf to keep the solid colour consistent and leave the red to pop and accentuate the waistline where the stripes fall into place to create the shape and an illusion of an hour glass figure.

~ I’m keeping this post short and sweet as it serves as an introduction and a friendly HELLO 🙂 ~


This blog gives you a peak into the youthful Roshan, midlife crisis Roshan, Roshan the Inspirer, Roshan the Professional, Roshan the Royal, Roshan the Clueless etc. The main focus of this blog is to share my fashion, lifestyle and inspirations in the hopes that YOU will interact with me here, and share your comments, so that I may be inspired by you and engage with you further.

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16 thoughts on “OMG! I Have A Blog What Next,

  1. Congratulations مااشآءالله simply stunning.
    Love you spontaneity your zest for life and definitely you an inspiration.
    You infectious and discomfort can feel the excitement in this blog and looking forward to your next blog. May you be like the phoenix and rise to greater heights and may The Almighty grant you all the success إن شاء الله امين. Proud of our women folk. Keep on inspiring and awaking our creative souls. Mwah

  2. You definitely have an individual style yet it’s current and up to date with current fashion and colors. I look forward to your inspirational quotes. May the blog go from strength to strength In Shaa Allah

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