Chasing Dreams – Living Life – Fulfilling Your Destiny

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen” Paulo Coelho

There’s more to life than just chasing your career, your next pay cheque, the love of your life, or the friends and company you desire?

It is the essence of our being and what it radiates or permeates unto others and what we gain in the process of life, that represent what we are to do and who we are to be, in this world.

Each and every milestone of our life, is not measured by the title of our position in the workplace, by who we married, by the money we have in our bank account, by the clothes we wear and the people we associate with – it is measured by the quality of who we become and how we affect others?

Chasing Dreams - Living Life - Fulfilling Your DestinyIt is measured by the very many moments, challenges, accolades, rewards, circumstances we live through to truly understand our place in our family, business, society and the world.

No one is born by accident, we are all born at the right time, right place and in the right family from which we will live out our destiny.  A destiny we ourselves do not know but shape as we go along.  Purposefully created to affect the lives of others and our own.

Chasing Dreams - Living Life - Fulfilling Your Destiny

What holds us back is not what others may think or say about us, when we decide to become true to our authentic self.  It is what ‘we think’ people may think or say about us.  Stop having conversations in your mind about how you are perceived, and start living your original, authentic and destined self.

Allow yourself the opportunity to be more, live more, experience more.  Gain access in to your greatest potential and see your biggest dreams unfold before you.  You are only as great as you allow yourself to be. So don’t hold back for that ‘One Day or Someday’.

Chasing Dreams - Living Life - Fulfilling Your Destiny

” NOW is as good a time as any to show the world how AMAZING YOU ARE!

XOXO Roshan


  1. Lizzie
    March 3, 2018

    I love this! Thank you for such inspiring words. Your lightwork is needed in this world❤

    • March 3, 2018

      Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words. If we all spread a little light maybe more people would sparkle XOXO 🙂

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