Are you waiting for permision to GO OUT AND BE GREAT?

Hello Dreamers

The title of this post is all about waiting for permission.  When you are ready to sore and yearning to fly – then why wait for someone to tell you , “You are ready”?

We must learn to believe in our abilities and push ourselves to the extreme.

If we fear moving forward then the fear will be a reality in everything we wish to do.  If we believe we have the ability regardless of the outcome we will push forward determined to fulfill that which we most desire ~ no matter how many brick walls we encounter.

Determination is the key.

You must want to achieve. want to grow, want to learn, want to flourish.  If you are happy where you are : then don’t complain.  If you are complaining : then I ask you “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT”?  Only YOU can change the situation around you. Stop waiting for others to change it for you, as you may end up being over looked. You must become an active participant in your own life in order to reap the benefit of what your life is worth.



Have a Vision, know where you want to be.  My Vision was to work in the media industry and it so happened that I did. However I didn’t know where it was going to take me and how far. All I knew is that I loved where everyday was taking me.


Perfect your current job – Be the best you can be NOW. You need to be the best you can be NOW – NOT LATER. Perfecting what you are doing now will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Everything that happens to you is there to develop your future self.


LEARN! Respect everyone around you – never see yourself above or below anyone Anyone can be your teacher; young or old and anyone can be your student; young or old. When we look outside of status, titles, age, experience, academics – we begin to see people as a whole, with life lessons that are beyond the current environment you find them in.  So never close yourself off to the possibility of learning from everyone around you.


Accept the challenge. A challenge gives you the opportunity to grow in skills, knowledge, experience, intellect… AND if no one challenges you, challenge yourself by taking on bits of work or assignments that you would not have otherwise attempted. Nothing stops you from learning ~ Nothing stops you from asking ~ and who doesn’t love someone eager to learn (as long as you don’t pass the irritation factor).


Don’t expect to be paid for extra responsibility in the process of learning.  A common mistake with many people is the expectancy to be paid for extra responsibility, not realising that you are being groomed for the next thing. If there is no succession plan in place, then make it your duty to learn from the position above you or around you.


Following #5 – Once you’ve perfected the new responsibilities and its assigned to you – then ask whats the plan?

  • The plan is where you discuss your future: be it a promotion, salary increase, succession plan.
  • This applies to the setup of the business you’re working in – it may be that you are groomed as part of a succession plan. In which case you will be ready to move up when the position above you has moved out 🙂
  • Additional responsibilities also give you the upper hand in your next job or helps toward reaching the vision you outlined in #1 .

The above process can take long, but what takes even longer is you sitting on the sideline waiting for that great offer. You are the KEY PERSON RESPONSIBLE for where you are going in 3, 5 or 10 years from now. It is your willingness to achieve more that is going to help you get ahead and reach your full potential. 

This is a timeline of how I progressed in the Broadcast Industry using the above strategy.  

My vision was to work in the Broadcast/Media Industry. Using the above 6 steps in getting ahead this is how my career in the Broadcast industry grew. Note that both my responsibilities and salary increased substantially.

(What is not mentioned below are the duties, experiences and knowledge I gained over the period. As well as my active involvement in developing all my staff)

1996| Receptionist at VOC Community Radio Station

1997| Voice Training and Radio Production at Radio 786 Community Radio Station

1997| Outside Broadcast Presenter at Radio 786 Community Radio Station

1997| Co-host and Producer of Youthopia at Radio 786 Community Radio Station

1998| Outside Broadcast Coordinator, Morning Programmer and Co-host/Co-Producer of Youthopia at Radio 786 Community Radio Station

2000| TX Scheduler at

2001| Supervisor of Commercial Time Sales Department at

2002| Manager On Air Promotions at

2006|General Manager: On Air Operations at

2011| Station Manager group of channels

2016| CoverMode Host and Producer on Radio Voice of The Cape community radio station

2017| Motivation Monday with Tracey Lange on Heart 104.9fm

Another mention is that while working at in the first year, I taught at a madrassah, hosted and produced the Youthopia radio show and was involved in community youth activities. Each year I worked, I took on a course that would increase my academic theory of the job I was doing.

In 2014 I resigned from to fulfill something I was greatly passionate about- and that is a story for another day….  I’m on a new journey of discovery now and in order to fulfilll my next dream, I’m starting with those 6 lessons I learned on getting ahead.


NEVER GIVE UP because you think you’re too old to do anything worthwhile

NEVER GIVE UP because you feel your dreams are second to everyone else in your life

NEVER GIVE UP because others are beating you to it each time you have a bright idea

NEVER GIVE UP because someone else said you can’t do it

NEVER GIVE UP because you messed up once

NEVER GIVE UP because you ran out of money or have no money


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.46.54 PM.pngMOTIVATION FOR LIFE

Those who make a plan in life

Are those who will succeed in life

You may make mistakes in life

But you learn to make the best of life

If you lend your hand to the world

The world will give its hand to you

Don’t ever over rate yourself

Or under estimate yourself

Just say your say

And live each day

The way it is meant to be!

Much Love, Roshan


DRESS – by the amazing Ayesha Allie of Human Image

HEADWRAP – Thabo Makheta

BAG – Errol Arendz

SHOES – Aldo

EARINGS – My own


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