Why would I set my soul on fire?

Find out what sets your soul on fire and let it burn?!

I looked at this quote and wondered – Why would I want to set my soul on fire?! Does that mean I want to go to hell?! Metaphorically, literally, or spiritually speaking.

So I looked up a couple of interpretations that made more sense. For the curious beings:

What does it mean to set your soul on fire? Setting your soul on fire: To light up your true essence so fully that you choose to live your life in a state of such complete and total surrender and trust, that you are willing to release and alchemize ANYTHING that is out of alignment with your true authentic self. extracted from https://dianarosekottle.com/set-your-soul-on-fire/

“Set soul on fire” is a beautiful phrase. This means that when you are passionate about something be it your goals, your life, your family and friends or someone special to you you’ll always be on your toes. Setting soul on fire is to stop just existing and start living, living for your passions, living for beautiful people in your life. Be excited for every new sunrise think how lucky you are to see this morning and make the most out of it. Let your soul burn in your failures and your achievements, always strive for beauty of excellence. Let your soul burn and never let it turn to ash. Keep in mind you have got one beautiful life decide how amazingly you want to live it. Be Happy be joyful. Live your life and make it large. ~ Shrutika Nikhar,

The following are connotations of FIRE that give an enlightening meaning to the phrase

Set your soul on fire and let it burn.

  • to cause to become excited or emotional
  • to inspire or arouse (an emotion or the imagination).
  • to arouse the emotions of; make enthusiastic or ardent.
  • to illuminate or cause to resemble fire, as in color: The morning sun fired the tops of the trees.
  • Filled with enthusiasm or excitement.

QUESTION: Will you be getting your soul fired up?

Stay Fabulous XOXO, Roshan

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