WHO ARE YOU without a title ?

Can I be title-less.  Yes title-less. CEO makes me sound grand, Managing Director makes me sound important, Manager makes me sound like an authority.  How would I introduce myself and let people know a bit about me, without sharing a major title?  Perhaps it would sound something like this….

My name is Roshan, meaning skylight, luminous, bright. I tend to feel that everything I do illuminates, comes to life, and unveils itself in awe. I am that person, that when you call on me, “Roshan”, and not my title(s), I will be there as your friend, as your biggest supporter, as your motivator, as your cheerleader. I AM THAT PERSON.

Wearing Haute-Haya, Styled by Roshan Isaacs, Photographed by Pursuing Pictorialism

Who are you without a title?

Come on, I CHALLENGE YOU to share your response in the comments below, by giving only your first name, and what you offer to the next person without a title or profession.

WHO ARE YOU – without a title?


  1. Jimmy
    January 4, 2020

    I would offer inspiration and hope and encourage ment

    • September 20, 2020

      Hey Jimmy, bit of a late response from my side. BUT THANK YOU for your comment. I hope you enlighten many with your inspiration, hope and encouragement!

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