Postcard’s, Typewriter’s, Telephone’s and my lack of handwriting skills.

“I’m just a Vintage Soul”

Does anyone still use any of the above except for display?

Postcards have been replaced with Social Media and Whatsapp,

Typewriters replaced with your laptop keyboard,

and the telephone replaced with the cellphone.


These items have become vintage, something of wonderment, to look at and admire for being something useful from long time ago.

Long Time Ago?

I’ve never been a fan of writing by hand, simply because my handwriting is atrocious. At primary school when rulers weren’t used for drawing lines, they doubled up to give someone with my lack of handwriting skills a few whacks on the hand.  I think I pretty much got used to it over the years.  I had a teacher give me his ball point pen, thinking the pen I used was the problem.  Ummmm – clearly it wasn’t, my handwriting was still bad.

….and yes, while I felt sorry for teachers who had to decipher my writing, I was more annoyed about losing 5marks on each test, for handwriting.  That said, when I reached high school, I discovered my parents typewriter. The best thing to help my dilemma ~ and the teachers.  The typewriter became useful for pasting my summarised notes in my subject books. It made learning easier (to think that not even I could decipher my own writing).


Invitations to events nowadays are sent to my whatsapp or email – a method I myself use. The only handwritten invitations I’ve received are the birthday invites my son receives.

I remember a time of collecting and swapping invitations and envelopes. It was a hobby my friends and I quite enjoyed.  How it worked: 1) buy a really cool and pretty invitation booklet 2) swap a sheet with someone else 3) by the time all your sheets were swapped you’d have about 20 different invitations. I think I still have that box somewhere (call me a hoarder)


I do love vintage aesthetics , not only in clothing but in design, colours, shapes and forms of furniture, building and housing architecture, accessories, stationery, music players and even books of an era gone by.   There’s something timeless, classic and feminine about vintage items which appeals to my everyday habits including my wardrobe. It must also be one of the reasons I’m absolutely inlove with our South African creatives. It’s the authentic way in which they produce items that stem from their rich, diverse and cultural heritage. #proudlysouthafrican



Thank you Leon Oostehuizen for these amazing pics of me at the luxurious Crystal Towers

scarf and turban styled by: Yours Truly – find more inspiration on instagram @modestfashionstyling / @roshanisaacs

Shirt dress : Ayshah Allie of Human Image

Coat : Valentino

That’s it from me today, till next time, wishing you a soulful weekend. XOXO

Roshan Isaacs.



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