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Sometimes my day is quite blurred with no productive plan in sight, but a hope that the wind will blow me in the right direction.  I rely on prayer and guidance and the support of the people who surround me to keep me grounded.  On these days I am paying attention to signs, information and seeking the possibilities and opportunities the day may reveal.

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On otherdays I am goal driven and have productivity in sight and there is no stopping me. I’m like an arrow moving full speed ahead with no breaks to slow me down.  On these days I am reluctant to listen, headstrong in heading true north and eager to grasp a fruitful outcome.

Whether my day is blurry or driven, its not always perfect.  It takes a good mood and a flexible mind to move through the day all the way through to the end of the month.

At any given time everything eventually comes into fruition.

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I’ve often been asked how I balance it all; work, family, hobbies – it really boils down to prioritising.  My calendar is set up first with my kids and family in mind, next I plot down any work related obligations, then I plan where I have time for the things I personally enjoy.  In all fairness I enjoy every bit of what I do, so it does make it easy to be immersed in everything.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve, unless you limit yourself.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.16.20 PMIn the above quote I’d like to address the word limit.  We all have limits and limits are good.

We’ve heard of “the sky is the limit”.

Limits are what keep us from tipping over the edge.  It provides us with boundaries that tell us enough is enough.

Know your limits.  

I love testing my limits provided I don’t test others while I’m at it.  I’ve always been used to running a number of projects at the same time. It’s what the broadcast industry taught me: Traveling one week, Implementing Systems, Launching new channels, Ensuring the right disaster recovery solutions were intact, prepping weekly post analysis, campaign creation, monthly balancing of budgets and making time for staff skills development….

I’ve tried to sit still – it doesn’t work – It drives me insane.

My limits are therefore different to yours. I’m an adrenalin seeker. I may not climb a mountain or participate in a marathon but my adrenalin is activated when my mind is busy.   Test your limits, what drives you and what Stops you from going in over your head.  You either find peace in your busyness or in your calmness.  Only YOU can determine how high you can jump and set the limits you are willing to abide by and cross when needed.

I’d like to share a post of a good friend of mine and ex-colleague Rushda Behardien of RubesCloset who recently made the decision to step down from her role as Relationship Manager at the IFDC South Africa.  Read her post Knowing My Limits . Rushda speaks about her personal journey of making tough decisions, listening to your intuition, knowing what is non negotiable and making space to grow in the right direction.


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Jumpsuit – CherrieCouture

Shoes – Brian Atkins

Makeup and Lashes – OnQ Makeup

Photographer – Mohammad Rawoot


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