Random Winter thoughts…

So sorry!  It’s been a while since I’ve written and by no means did I plan to stay away this long.  Writing to you requires a special space in my mind with no distractions. It gives me an opportunity to write to you and only you.


Winter finally arrived with a big storm. While it left some unhindered, others homeless, displaced and mending their homes, it has also brought along the warmth of a community, who gives and comes to the aid of those who need it. #BlessOurCommunity

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The best month of my year has to be Ramadaan.  I tend to make my most important decisions during this month.  Ramadaan has always opened up its gates of wisdom and clarity. Its an opportunity to click refresh and realign my actions so that it leads to my goals. The spiritual elevation Ramadaan brings, reminds me to live purposefully.  #RamadaanBlessings

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Winter also means I’ll be bringing out my coats, which are my staple winter garment for the season – the biker coat, the trench coat, the parker coat, the military jacket, etc…….  It is by far my favourite wardrobe item ~ next to scarves ofcourse.  Boots also take preference over courts, sandals and stilletos, and this pair, bought in Turkey has been a statement piece well worth the buy. – hand embroidered, colourful and a very stylish design.  When traveling abroad, I do enjoy purchasing items that are unique or has a design signature of the country I am visiting. #SupportingLocal

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So many things are happening in my space right now and I am thankful for having the right people at the right time in the right place who honour and appreciate the talents each brings to the table.

I’m excited to be part of the launch of something AMAZING for our South African creatives and can’t wait to share this news with you. #SACollaborations

I’ve also been invited to talk at the Marriage Conference and Ilm Arts Festival in Johannesburg in July, I look forward to meeting Johannesburg family and friends and making new acquaintances.  #Inspiringminds

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Boots – Turkey

Coat – Carducci

Dress – Zarah fashion and beauty

Turban – styled by me Roshan Isaacs (instagram chicturbanstyling / roshanisaacs)

That’s it for now.  Promise to right sooner.

Till next time – Have a beautiful week,



  1. Shanaaz
    June 24, 2017

    Whenu off to turkey u beed to get me some pair of boots mwah

    • July 1, 2017

      🙂 with pleasure – that’s if it can fit in my bag.

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