On Tuesday 16 October 2018, the Africa chapter of the global Council of Modest Fashion (COMF) will debut at Africa Halal Week. In partnership with Wesgro, COMF intends to be at the forefront of conversations around the current and growing landscape of modest fashion in South Africa, Africa and the world.

On the heels of the successful Halal International Trade Business Meeting, Africa Halal Week is an initiative by Wesgro to foster business linkages, conversations and opportunities within the halal industry of Cape Town and the Western Cape, South Africa, and the rest of Africa. As an integral part of the halal industry, both in South Africa and globally, modest fashion encompasses various sectors and has a huge potential for investors, creators and consumers.

To highlight the significance of modest fashion, the Council of Modest Fashion (COMF) Africa chapter will introduce its vision and mission in a conference and exhibition as part of Africa Halal Week. The event will engage stakeholders, creators and investors in panel discussions on the landscape of the industry and the prospects of its position in the local and global market, a designer exhibition, and a buyers’ tour of some of Cape Town’s key players in the modest fashion sector. Key speakers include representatives from Style Africa Fashion Network, Fashion Revolution, WearSA, Modest Fashion & Design Platform, Clotex, Think Fashion Co, Cape Town Fashion Council, Trade Call Investments (TCI); designers such as Chimpel, Homemade CPT and Cherrie Couture; and modest fashion blogger Areeba Artistry.


“We are delighted to see African modest fashion talents in Africa Halal Week. We have been admiring Africas creativity and innovations from afar. Now with the presence of COMF Africa led by Roshan Isaacs, we can support the talents better through amazing projects like this,” told Franka Soeria- Think Fashion representing global office of COMF.

“Creatives from Africa have been undermined for far too long. We are ecstatic to be introducing and engaging the globe with the vibrantly infused contemporary African fashion, through a modest compass. The Modest Fashion Conference is the perfect driver for designers, buyers and industry to assess their position in the future of a fast growing market..” comments from Roshan Isaacs COMF Africa Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, commented: “Our province is rich in history, across a multitude of religions, ethnic groups and cultures. We are thrilled to be welcoming COMF to our stable of exhibitors, demonstrating how Cape Town and the Western Cape fully embraces the principles of the Halal ethos across business, tourism, cuisine and fashion.”

About the Council of Modest Fashion Africa

The Council of Modest Fashion (COMF) is a global council of modest fashion industry with representation and members in Asia, Russia & CIS, Africa, Europe, Middle East & GCC, Australia & Oceania. Launched in Jakarta Modest Fashion Week on July 2018, the council is led by powerful figures in the industry Franka Soeria & Ozlem Sahin (Think Fashion), Dilyara Sadrieva, Roshan Isaacs, Ismail Semin and Bridget Dean. The council is serving to create better ecosystem and support system in the industry around the globe and to enable local talents to be recognized to a wider audience.

The Africa chapter is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and has established a clear purpose of enhancing the businesses of designers in the African modest fashion industry through succession planning. Addressing pertinent concerns regarding employment, production, quality assurance, marketing, exportation, sustainability, local and global trade, and collaboration, COMF understands the unique nature of the modest fashion industry and its ability to reach broader consumer needs. With this in mind, COMF Africa has established key partnerships with Wesgro, Clotex and Cape Town Fashion Council to facilitate the positioning of the modest fashion marketplace in the broader economic sphere.


The Council of Modest Fashion (COMF) Africa board consists of Roshan Isaacs, Amiena Pastor, Leila Bardien-Taylor and Zainab Slemang van Rijmenant, who have all worked in and around fields relating to the modest fashion industry. I’ll post more about the team in a follow up post on the Modest Fashion Conference.


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