The Map Of The Human Self

Looking for a book to read? If you’re interested in a spiritual read, my all time favourite book is the “Cosmology of the self” by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri . I can read this book again and again, as it really helps to understand ourselves and others in reaching our best human state. Its an easy-to-read, enlightening book, which breaks down the different levels of our human nature – a map of the human self.

The book describes how and why we are stuck at different levels or stages of our self and how we can enhance the state of our human self .

About the Author

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri is a well versed writer-philosopher whose teachings combine knowledge and experience of the spiritual wisdom of the East with a practical and first hand understanding of the West. He was an international businessman, all of which he eventually abandoned in pursuit of spiritual knowledge.

Excerpt from the “Cosmology of The Self” by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

We are here to interact and deal with nature, with the world and its inhabitants, in a way that is best for us.  If we do not want this, then we become escapists.  If we do then we should know that we have access to more than just the material world that we see around us.  A glimpse of this other realm of non-existence is obtained during sleep and that is why we love deep sleep because we need to recharge ourselves and enhance that part of us which is beyond words.

Without going through the entire book (which I would love to do), here is another excerpt which talks about the Divine Spark – the ruh.

“There is within us a Divine spark that has no limitations. This is the ruh.  Its origins lie in the realm of non-time and non-space.  We yearn for infinite space, for endless stretches of land, seas, and vast oceans whose horizons are invisible;  we long for peace and tranquility.”

We have seen how the ruh energises the self to produce a ‘person’.  The person contains the original self, the human fitra, and the divine spark.  First the human aspect is dealt with; for example, hunger.  Then the sublime part of the self develops and matures with the aid of discipline and awareness.  The person’s will, patience, faith, commitment and honesty are all vital.  The seeker on the path of self-transformation and awakening is like a zoo-keeper:  he recognises all the wild animals within the self, but confines them to their cages and is safe from their wildness!  The design of the original self, the fitra, contains shari’a and haqiqa; that is, the natural laws and the ultimate truth.  We can also see how the original self can develop positively, remain under-developed, or become warped beyond the possibility of cure.  We need to open our hearts to the divine light within ……..


We are divinely connected to all things around us, and those things that enter into our path, our journey or life.  In each connection we make, we learn about ourselves, we connect with people, environments and situations.

The Cosmology of The Self, is a good read if you’re on that journey of self-discovery.

I do hope you find your true self and purpose so that you can live your best life!

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    Thanks will definitely source this book looks interesting.

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