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I’m always armed with a camera when out and about.  On this particular occasion I joined the Canon Red Bus Photo Tour with Cameraland – WHAT A LOT OF FUN.  Bloggers, Vloggers and Photographers all having a good time doing what they love – capturing snapshots of our beautiful City. I took my Canon 5d with for the ride and here’s what I captured.


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Our First Stop – Groot Constantia

With its remarkable vineyards and endless pathways, its a beauty embraced by the frame of the surrounding Mountains.  A popular wedding venue too – I recall attending a friend/colleagues wedding at Groot Constantia a few years back – it made for a stunnig wedding venue, I’m sure her wedding album can attest to it.

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2nd Stop : Houtbay Harbour

For great fish and chips, Mariners Wharf in Houtbay Harbour was our next photo stop.  Some senses were awoken more than others: sight, sound and smell.  My Canon loved the bright backdrops of the fishermens boats and the buildings.  My colour combination for the day fit right in 🙂

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3rd Stop: Camps Bay

Oh the hustle an bustle of Camps Bay made it difficult to find the perfect shot but alas we managed to get an icecream from Gelato Mania on the Promenade – It was DELICIOUS ! So delicious I simply didn’t have time to take more photos (SIGH)

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Considering my day started with scraping my car against the wall of a very tight drive through (a drive through I use often) – I have Cameraland and Canon to thank for the exciting road trip and making my day a memorable one – Happiness

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“Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth second” Marc Riboud

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