Headwrap | Turban | Dhuku | Cele | Hijaab Whatever You Call It ~ I Can Style It

Style it, Shape it, Twist it, Fold it – Whatever you do with your headwrap, OWN it, LOVE it and KEEP LOOKING FABULOUS.

Headwrap – Turban – Dhuku – Cele – Scarf – whatever you call it  – I can style it.

I’ve played with scarf styling for almost 22 years now.  What initially started as a hobby, turned out into a business where I am able to pass on my skills and train those who are interested in styling like a pro …and looking fabulous. I get fixated on a subject so badly that I want to learn as much about it as I possibly can.  I therefore researched where turbans originated, textures, materials, shaping, draping, colours, global influences and how different cultures and faiths wear them. It was for this reason, I created the instagram page, chicturbanstyling and later posted video tutorials on my youtube channel roshanisaacs to inspire, connect and showcase the many different ways you can look super stylish….and fabulous….in a headwrap.


If you’re not such a fundi in headwrap styling, I’d like to help you look GORGEOUS… and fabulous, with real easy to drape turbans, headwraps and scarves. In teaching others, I wanted to make it easy and as basic as possible, thereby allowing anyone who learns from me, to apply many different turban styles on any day for any occasion and by themselves.

As a headwrap and scarf stylist I’ve worked acrross events, runway, magazines and styled shoots. Namely : Red Carpet Fashion Show for MCouture, TopCo Modelling Agency,  Modest Fashion Emporium, International Cover Magazine etc.


I’ve also been invited to conduct  seminars, workshops and style sessions.  Someof those with Crystal Paradise, Portrait of a Queen (my annual show), Thabo Makheta:TM-Collective (15 on Orange), Langa Community Centre, Justine Isaacson ( Turbans and makeup), Qaanita Abrahams – OnQ Makeup (Turbans and Makeup)

Last year I launched my first turban styling workshop “Portrait of a Queen” taking up to 10 people at a time allowing for individual styling and face matching.  This led to requests to style for functions, to present at fashion events, style  models for magazines and fashion shows…and did I mention they looked fabulous.  I’ve collaborated with a few amazing makeup artists like Qanita Abrahams of ONQ Makeup and Justine Isaacson of Juzie111 and Glamour Girlz to demonstrate makeup styles to go with your turbans.  Last year ended with an amazing invitation by Thabo Makheta to treat her guests to a headwrap seminar and workshop (fully sponsored) .




If you struggle to style your scarf or would like to know how to drape a turban –  I would love to show you.  Please fill in the below survey ONLY 5 QUESTIONS – I promise it will take 20″. It will give me a guide as to what you’d like to see, what your preferences are, and I will work on making you look fabulous.  Each person who fills in the survey will get a FREE video tutorial from me 🙂 YAYY !  Click on the survey link below and help me, help you go from Chic to Fabulous to Gorgeous to Royal with EASY PEASY HEADWRAP TUTORIALS XOXO



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