Ever feel like you’re in a slum and can’t seem to get out of it.  Procrastinating rather than focusing on what requires urgent attention.  Well…. Let me tell you… you probably just lost your mojo.

Mojo is that thing that keeps you hyped up, gets you interested in what you’re doing and expands your ability to produce great work. 

Defined in the dictionary as : good luck, charm or skill that seems to come from something magical or supernatural.

Whether on the sports field, at work, or at home, whatever requires your full attention, requires your mojo to be activated.

It’s a tough world.  While browsing the internet on ways to reliave stress.  I found these helpful tips from –

1. Address Stress

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, lighten the load and address the source of the stress before you do anything else.

Whether it’s work, a personal conflict, too many things on your to-do list, or too many demands on your time from family or friends, you need to pinpoint the reason and take action.

With the help of a friend, coach or counselor who can give you perspective and feedback, let some things go or find ways to delegate. Very few things in life are worth the physical and emotional toll of chronic stress.

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2. Remember What Fun Is

Fun is way underrated, and it is an essential element of a strong mojo.

Right now, go grab a pen and paper. Think about the times in your life when you really had fun, and write them down.

Go over the events in your head and mentally re-live these fun and happy times. Circle some of these activities that you might want to enjoy again. Then pick a couple and go do them!

3. Get Physical

Hopefully, some of these fun activities are physical activities. Without putting the pressure on yourself to start an exercise routine (which can feel like work and create more stress), think of some ways you can get physical and really enjoy it.

Take a bike ride. Play tennis or basketball. Go dancing with a group of crazy friends – Zumba is amazing.

Drive to the mountains and take a hike. Get up from your chair and skip around the room or do some jumping jacks. Just get moving and enjoy it.

4. Take An Electronic Sabbatical

It’s so easy to plop in front of the television or computer when you are feeling low on mojo. Once you are in that chair, it is so hard to get back up.

For a few days at least, turn off the tv and computer so that you are forced to do something. Have a conversation with your spouse or children.

Clear clutter or organize something. Go buy some flowers and arrange them.  Read something inspirational or motivating. Do something, anything, that is positive, productive and joyful. No more sitting and zoning out.

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5. Be Fabulous

When you are in a crowd of people, look around you. Most people are not model-perfect. In fact, most people have many physical imperfections.

Even so-called perfect people tend to focus on their flaws. So forget about comparisons, and make the very best of what you have.

Be fabulous! Take care of yourself. Get a great haircut, put on some make-up, wear clothes that make you feel happy and attractive.

Highlight the beauty inside of you by reflecting self-confidence on the outside.

6. Hang Out With The Best

During this time that you are getting your groove back, spend time with people whose mojo cup is full. Be with people who motivate you, uplift you, want the best for you, and who are just fun to be around.

If there are people in your life who drain you or make you uncomfortable, this is the time to put them on hold until you reclaim your mojo.

Don’t isolate yourself. Go out with fun people and have some fun.

7. Do Something Adventurous

Shake your life up a bit. Do something that is totally out of character or unexpected. Book a trip to an interesting, exciting destination. Go whitewater rafting.

Be spontaneous. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

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8. Love Your Body

When we lose our mojo, we can mistreat our bodies with too much gassy, fatty/sugary foods, or medications. It’s impossible to get your groove back when your body is sedated with yucky stuff.

Treat your body with loving kindness. Eat mojo-supporting foods like lots of veggies, fruits and lean meats and less processed, high fat bad-for-you foods.

9. Train Your Brain

When you are down on your mojo, your mind likes to take over with negative thoughts, worry, and over-thinking. You have to treat your unruly mind the way you would a puppy or small child.

Every time it spirals off into negative thinking, redirect your memories to positive thinking or thoughts, reasons to be grateful or anything pleasant.

You will have to do this many times until your mind knows you mean business. Before long, it will be natural for you to redirect negative thinking patterns.

10. If Your Mojo Is Late, Don’t Wait

If you have taken action to get your groove back, but you are still feeling lethargic, tired or in the dumps after a few weeks, absolutely go to your doctor.

There are a variety of physical and emotional reasons for feeling this way, and it might be something as simple as low iron or poor sleeping habits.

When you have little energy, you may not feel like making an appointment. But don’t give up your precious, beautiful days to a mojo thief. Take action and reclaim your magic.

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    Dear Roshan
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    Carol Lakay, Stellenbosch Magazine.

    • October 24, 2018

      Thank you for your feedback. I love hearing from visitors who come to my blog as it lets me know what kind of content you prefer. Have a FABULOUS week further. Roshan

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      Dear Carol.
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