Feeling Drained? then you need to visit Ilea Laser Beauty Spa!

Often we neglect the importance of taking care of ourselves.  Too busy looking after everyone else, we overlook the dire need of time out – ME TIME – TIME FOR ME – JUST ME! Using the word “me” that many times brings up a sense of guilt.

As women we often sacrifice our own pleasures of life to ensure everyone is happy, contented and taken care of.  When really, if you aren’t okay, then you aren’t really looking after anyone in the best way you can, which is why you have to check in on yourself and ask:  AM I OKAY, DO I NEED A BREAK…..

Here’s what I did when I decided to put my foot on the brakes and ask : AM I OKAY….?

I took Ilea Laser Beauty Spa up on their offer, to treat me to some much needed pampering for the morning.  Situated next to the bridge on Kromboom Road, Ilea Laser Beauty Spa caters for all your pampering needs.

Sam and Ali, originally from Dubai, opened up the spa in Cape Town with the hopes of bringing Dubai to Cape Town, by treating their guests to the pleasantries of Dubai life.  What’s the difference between this spa and all other spa’s? Well there are very few spa’s like this one that understand a womans need for privacy, especially when you’re a muslim woman like myself who doesn’t want to take her scarf off in a salon where men attend, or reveal her legs during a pedicure.  Our modesty is everything, and we shy away from pampering ourselves for the mere reason of wondering who will be our therapist and who else will be at the salon the same time.  The other totally awesome service is their Bridal package……but more about there services later. Let’s get back to ME !

Since I was in desperate need of pampering, and without sounding or looking desperate, I politely settled myself in the pedicure area.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.05.27 PM.png

With biscuits and coffee at hand, the Beautician Chandre, treated me to a relaxing foot massage.  THIS IS THE LIFE – I thought to myself.

Thereafter, I was whisked off to an underarm laser treatment by Sameerah; or Sam as everyone calls her. Ladies! it’s absolutely pain free. The thought of never needing to shave for approx 10 YEARS sounded very promising.  All halaal – I’m told. Sam was gentle, explained every step of what she was doing; before, during and after the treatment.  I was completely at ease. While she was performing the laser treatment she asked; is this okay? And each time she asked whether it was fine, I began to wonder whether I was meant to feel pain, because I felt nothing – and no numbing agent was used.

I finished off my morning pampering with a manicure and pedicure. Chandre looked very well after my nails and cuticles and worked ever so gently.  The professionalism and warmth of the Ilea Laser Beauty Spa team made me feel like I was sitting in the lounge having tea with my family.  A wonderful, warm-hearted, caring family 🙂

Besides the treatments I received that particular morning, Ilea has everything a woman or girl could ask for, all in one beauty spa: manicure, pedicure, massages, laser treatments, hair salon, makeup, scarf styling and even tea/coffee (with biscuits). Best of all, if you are planning to marry this year, Ilea Laser Beauty Spa has a Bridal Package, where the Bride to be is treated to a full program leading to her big day, ensuring that she is relaxed and fully enjoys her wedding day!

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.49.50 PM.png

Will I go back to Ilea Laser Beauty Spa?  MOST DEFINITELY YES!  and infact I have. After writing this post I asked Raeesha, the makeup artist at Ilea Laser Beauty Spa to apply my makeup for the SA Menswear week on the weekend. So expect another update on my experience and makeup looks, in another post.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.28.47 AM.png

Ilea Laser Beauty Spa



SPA FACILITIES – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Laser treatments with therapists (Samina for the females) (Ali for the males)

Hair styling with Shannon

Scarf Styling and Makeup Artistry with Raeesha

and all your beauty needs : nails, massage with Beautician Chandre


ILEA Beauty & Laser Spa
MFC Building,
Kromboom Road,
Cape Town.
South Africa, Cape Town
Telephone: + 27 21 696 3944
E-mail: info@ilealaserclinic.com

Till next week, wherever you are I hope you’re okay… Roshan

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