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I’m probably the typical yoyo dieter.  I move from balanced to un-balanced.  You may have noticed my weight fluctuating through the years.

In 2015 I lost 16kgs in 4months.  It wasnt’ difficult and didn’t take a major amount of work either.  Just DISCIPLINE.  Over 2 years I managed to gain about the same amount back (sad as it may seem). However this made me realise that it actually takes me longer to gain weight than lose.  So on the plus side (excuse the pun), it shouldn’t be too hard for me to return to a reasonably healthy weight after my “intended weight gain” …for  a valid reason.












This year I decided to do my Honours.  Its an intense year long course consisting of a thesis, 24min production, a discipline treatment and core course assignments.  Since studying, I noticed all the general signs of student life ie. pimples, hair loss, nightmares, anxiety, over-eating and dozing off while reading.



When I’m studying, I enjoy cups of coffee, little treats, usually not the healthy kind and it always seems to keep me going. The little nibbles keep me focused.












Call it what you want.  My day typically starts and ends off as follows:

  • Breakfast 1
    • Weetbix with milk and a glass of water
  • Breakfast 2
    • 2 slices of bread with a mug of coffee
  • Snack time
    • bowl of yoghurt with muesli, and maybe a biscuit with a cup of tea and a bit later a bag of popcorn
  • Lunch time
    • chicken sandwich and a cup of coffee
  • snack time
    • popcorn, nartjie, 2 blocks of chocolate and a cup of coffee and a bit later some more of that chocolate
  • supper
    • chicken curry, rice and glass of water
  • tea time
    • tea, biscuits , cake



My day consists of planning. Planning to plan. Planning on planning to plan.  You get what I’m saying?  A strong and reliable support structure is of ultimate importance when you’re trying to raise a family and your iq at the same time.  I’m thankful to my parents-in-law, my husband and my children, my childrens friends parents who have all contributed in making my studies bearable while being a mom, wife and daughter.  Just to note that I still cook when I get home, I still see to the kids lunches and try to get through there homework and madrassah work, when husband is on call. I still pitch up and cheer for their sports games in the week and on the weekend.

I’m also thankful to my amazing classmates, lecturers, supervisors and mentors who have offered their support and assistance with any questions, feedback and guidance I may have regarding my studies.  Apart from studies and motherhood, I’ve also had to ensure that my work projects don’t fall behind. For that, I’m thankful for the support of colleagues, new acquaintances, global connections and friends for pitching in when required.



That leads me to conclude with the fact that I am quite content with gaining weight over the course of the year, for in the process I will also be gaining an Honours Degree in Motion Picture and FIlm along with expertise in the discipline of Costume, Makeup and Styling.

All I ask of you are for your prayers, good wishes and support so that I may successfully be all the woman I can be, to fulfill all the obligations I have set out for myself, my family and those I am in service of, and I sincerely wish for you the same XOXOXO

Sincerely Yours


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