Not sure if we were highly confused or just messed up.  In the 80s, I wore floral pants and stripe jerseys – no one complained – no one called the fashion police – fortunately NO ONE TOOK ANY PHOTOS.  I think most of the fashion fauxpas happened in the 80s.  From hair to makeup to wardrobe.

In the 80s Madonna wore big bows, brightly dyed hair, and lace downtown, while Paloma Picasso wore retro sunglasses and sumptuous elegance uptown.  The eighties was an over-the-top period when, stylistically, anything seemed to go.

When you think of the 80s you probably remember: Miami Vice, Madonna, Brooke Shields, and Princess Dianna. You have flashes of bright – psychadelic colours, cassette playing walkmans, and funk punk music. If you don’t remember the 80s, then you probably weren’t born yet.

This week I took a trip down memory lane and added a dash of 80s inspiration to my look.  Funky colours, over accentuated makeup and added to that a familiar tune of “Pump Up The Jam”  by Technotronic. Hope you like my subtle 80s retro comeback.


Styled by me

featuring – Kimono from Haute Edit by Kumari Govender (StyleSociety)

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