We are too critical of ourselves when we look in the mirror.

Why do we look in the mirror?  To see if we are pulled together properely?

To see if the image before us is what we want to present to the world?

What if we don’t like what we see?  How can we change how we see ourselves?

Allow me to introduce you to the 3C’s; colour, confidence, comfort.

The 3C’s that affect the way we see and feel about ourselves and the way in which we see and feel about the world around us.



Confidence is not something you can put on and VOILA you’re confident.  It is something that is worked on everyday.  It is the positive conversations you have with yourself to maintain your self-worth.  Confidence doesn’t require you to be the loudest in the room.  Confidence is feeling comfortable with who you are and having your self-confidence reflect in what you wear and how you behave.


Colour affects your mood.  We are naturally drawn to brighter colours.  It gives us a feeling of upliftment.  Add a touch of colour to your room, flowers, books, tissue holder, anything in the interior, it will lift the mood of a room and yours.  I once painted the colour of our dining room wall a happy yellow – not too bright, but not too dull either.  My husband wasn’t too sure about the colour, but every visitor we had was drawn to the warmth of the room. Herewith some ideas you can play around with when surrounding your home with colour:

orange : expands your thinking

Deep blue : encourages efficiency

Green : increases wealth and also heals

light purple : enhances spirituality

light blue : gives a sense of peace

bright red : fortifies you

yellow : increases your focus, brings about happiness and warmth

pink : opens your heart

yellow and orange : add life – dispels darknes

deep red : inspires passion

aqua : inspires trust


The thing with comfort is we let our mood suggest our need for comfort.  Be it food, be it a tracksuit, be it chilling in bed.  Our mood often dictates where we should be, what we should eat, and how we should look.

Comfort in dress – means you don’t want to be constricted. Why not find an outfit that allows you the freedom to be.  For example wear a dress instead of pants and top or flat shoes instead of high heels.

Comfort in food – means your body requires something like salt, energy, iron. We read these signs as a packet of chips, a slab of chocolate rather than an apple or water.

Comfort in places – At times all we want to do is chill in bed and YES sometimes you should do that, but don’t let it tie you down and leave you spending days in bed.  Sun is the best picker-upper, a good run or something to get the adrenalin pumping –  sounds like the complete opposite of what you want to do, but it may just be the mood you were hoping to achieve.  Renewed. Refreshed, Revived..


Incorporate these 3Cs into your daily life and I assure you, you’ll be surrounded with good, positive energy. No matter what life throws at you, it won’t be as bad when you have the right amount of Confidence, Colour and Comfort in your life.  If you liked this article also read IDENTIFYING YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE

Have a blessed week.

CREDITS: Larry English on Photography | Claudia Blankenberg as Assistant Photographer | Thabo Makheta Designer of the cape | Elegant Muslimah – designer of the dress | Roshan Isaacs – stylist

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