Homespun is an independent ethical skincare formulator offering luxury natural skincare and holistic products.

I was introduced to this awesome brand on my visit to Workshop Modesty; a modest fashion boutique in Cape Town, South Africa.  I met Ilhaam, an agent of Homespun who took me through the amazing product range from scrubs, serums, lipsticks. They even have a beard range for men.

Owner of Homespun, Yasmin Thokan says;

Homespun was not a life long dream.  It was just something that came to be by my inquisitive mind.  I began researching skincare ingredients and found it absolutely fascinating.  It started off from selling one product to a whole new exciting skincare range.

Homespun uses raw materials such as butters, clays, oils and botanical extracts to create products that are simple yet effective. All their products are handcrafted in small batches in true Apothecary form.

Apothecary: is a medical professional who formulates and dispenses materia medica to physicians, surgeons, and patients.

I purchased the following products from Homespun


The spearmint lipbalm with a spearminty aroma left my lips soft and supple.

A lip balm is your first defense in ensuring smooth, crack free, moisturised lips. Homespun lip balms are so natural you can ingest it.

Natural beeswax creates a barrier to stop moisture loss while shea butter ,cocoa butter and coconut oil moisturise the lips.

This balm can also be used to treat other dry skin conditions on the body. A truly multipurpose balm.


I got myself the Twisted, Shade and Heated lipstick colours. They double up and act as a moisturiser and easily glides on lips. The colour is intense, so perfect for an all day wear.

The Art & Co by  Homespun Apothecary range of lipsticks are handcrafted in small batches, following true Apothecary form. Made with a blend of beautiful natural ingredients, these lipsticks bring intense pigmentation with moisturisation – the perfect pout everytime!

Seawed eye serum

You need very little, like a teeny tiny drop of this serum, which is just enough to spread under both eyes.  The results were immediate.

Like I can’t even explain – wrinkles have close to vanished, its created a smooth and tighter skin around my eyes.

Born from the sea, this powerful Seaweed Eye Serum from Homespun Apothecary has the power to transform your skin. The all-natural ingredients form a healing powerhouse that will rejuvenate and renew tired skin for an ageless appearance.

Daytime glow drops

The daytime glow drops can be used on its own or mixed with your foundation to give you that extra glow. Here too, a little goes a long way.

The Homespun Apothecary Luxury Daytime Glow Drops is a lightweight blend of beautiful essential oils perfect to set a morning glow to last all day. Not only will your skin look instantly rejuvenated but the divine floral and herbal scent provides an aromatic pick-me-up before you’ve even reached for your first cuppa!

Overnight face serum

The overnight serum layers my skin while I’m sleeping and gets to work (while I’m not working).  In the morning my skin feels hydrated, smoother and refreshed. Yayy me!

This Overnight Serum is all the luxury your face needs as you’re prepping for a restful night’s sleep. With smaller molecules than a cream the beautiful blend of oils penetrate deep into your skin for full nourishment. You will awake with radiant, glowing skin that has been fully hydrated with goodness.


Great, Super, Awesome


Perfectly priced and product lasts for a long time considering you need use only a little at a time

Will I buy from them again

Ummm… have you read this post…YES… I will most definitely be buying again when my serums are done or I need a new shade of lipstick.





Here’s your chance to try the product for yourself.  Visit my instagram page and enter the competition to win yourself these amazing Homespun beauty products: Homespun Himalayan Mud Mask and Homespun Coconut Palm Face Polish. They sound delicious enough to eat 🙂

Competition ends Thursday 15th November!

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