3 People That Will Influence Your Success

Kickstart your week by illuminating your life with people who inspire, challenge and encourage you. These people will direct you to success. The Corporate world has its demands and in the last 3 years I’ve also learned the challenges of being your own boss and working from home. Surrounding yourself with the right people can assist you in attaining a successful outcome in whatever you wish to achieve.  Let me break down each of these people, who they are and what they can do for you.

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The Inspirer 

These people will encourage you, push you and give you the yearning to fulfill your achievements. They may be people you don’t have direct contact with for example; inspirational writers, business gurus, influential people like Nelson Mandela and people with inspiring stories about life lessons. All these people contain something you lack or need:  courage, enthusiasm, drive, energy, selflessness or knowledge on a particular subject you may be interested in.

What the Inspirer does for you:

  • Creates a path in which you are able to identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Opens and develops your mind so you may learn and achieve more
  • Offers you guidance
  • Enriches your life with enthusiasm
  • Acts as a mentor, adviser, motivator, teacher

The Challenger

These people can be constructive or destructive. They are people who challenge your weaknesses, push you to achieve more and throw new obstacles your way. They are people who will test your patience, your limits, your abilities, your mind and everything about you.

What the Challenger does for you:

  • Identifies your deficiencies
  • Assists in developing your interaction with others
  • Develops your ability to manage conflict better
  • Enhances your skills in areas you are not performing as well, eventually allowing you to make better decisions
  • Gives you the capability of handling future challenges, people and incidents better

You are only able to learn from a Challenger if you embrace the challenge. These are the things that will make you stronger and wiser in your personal or business growth.

The Encourager

These are people who motivate you to do your best, push you to succeed, and remind you of your goals. These people always have something positive and reassuring to say, even when they tell you you’re getting it wrong.

What the Encourager does for you:

  • Keeps you on track with your eye on the goal
  • Gives you the drive to stay on path and continue your growth
  • Points out what you’ve achieved so far
  • Will lift you up when you’re about to give up


Inspirers, Challengers and Encouragers are found in parents, teachers, friends, employers or colleagues. Everyone around you gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, depending on the lessons you need to receive.


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Wishing you a Fabulous and Successful week ahead XOXO

‘Success is not a function of the size of your title, but the richness of your contribution’ Robin S. Sharma


  1. December 19, 2016

    definitely an awesome inspirational piece from a highly inspiring person roshanisaacs…

    another highly inspiring combo are the twins of Barrons caterers: maryam and gaseena baron.. those girls work darn hard and achieve brilliant results.

    • December 19, 2016

      Thank you Qaanita. The twins sound like an interesting team to interviewing. Would be great to get some inpiring and motivational tips from them to share with the readers. Thank you for sharing xoxo

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