What does your style say about you?

It doesn’t matter your style:  sporty, elegant, chic, classy.  Making an effort to dress up, can affect your mood 100% .

Think about it:  Do you dress up according to your mood, or to change your mood? 

  • A suit can make you feel powerful – ready to take on the boardroom.
  • A good gym outfit can can make you feel like you’ve already accomplished your workout.
  • A great statement piece of jewelery can make you feel extravagant.

What does your style say about you? www.roshanisaacs.com


Name brands only make you think you look expensive, because of the price tag.  A name brand isn’t the only item to necessarily get your style on fleek.  Purchasing or acquiring unique, one of a kind, statement pieces, doesn’t break the bank can immediately add to your style wardrobe.  Use what you have, just simply change it up and stop seeing the same items as a pair, mix and match to create new looks.


I personally love colour, whether its accessorising, wearing funky sports shoes, florals, or just a solid, bold bright colour. Colour makes me feel bright, confident and cheery. If I’m not playing with colour; then the flow, structure and shape of a garment needs to define my mood and genuine feeling for the day.  

What does your style say about you? - www.roshanisaacs.com


“Clothing reflects your self image”. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

While what you choose to wear can affect your mood, how you carry it off can affect how you look.  Have you ever come across those articles that feature two or three celebs in the same dress and the question posed to the reader is “who wore it best?” Confidence can definitely carry a garment well. So if you’re not comfortable in what you’ve chosen to wear then your overall look will reflect a low self image.  The same goes to say, that if you’re ‘too comfortable’ and have popped on an outfit that doesn’t necessarily represent your personality then this too will come across as a low self image. Examples of these are people who find comfort in wearing their sports trousers everyday. There’s also the abaya group of women who find comfort in just throwing over an abaya to cover their pjs .  Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying these items aren’t stylish, as comfort and style can work very well.  Those of you guilty of the kind of comfort I’m talking about, know what I’m referring to. You don’t style your look to attain a positive mood, you slip on your regular slacks cause its easy, comfortable and worn with a “who cares” attitude. Start your day off by dressing for a better mood—- Try it!


Styling your look for the day IS NOT DIFFICULT.  If you have very little time to dress in the morning, you can do one of three things.

  1. prepare your weeks outfits on a Sunday
  2. wear your basics and add a statement accessory – ie add a pop of colour, play with shapes throughout your accessories from earings to sunglasses to shoes etc…
  3. dress according to colour – make it easy to select items from your wardrobe – ie Mondays Red, Tuesdays Yellow, Wednesdays White… etc. This can be anything from an accessory, pants, shirt, headwrap and not necessarily the entire outfit in one colour.

…that’s enough from me for today.

I want you to express your beauty, by embracing your beauty.  Love who you are, dress accordingly and take on the day feeling CONFIDENT and STYLISHLY GORGEOUS!

Why not end this post with a selfie 🙂

What does your style say about you? - www.roshanisaacs.com

Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak – Rachel Zoe

In this post I’m wearing a HS Collections SA anchor print kimono, Rebel Funk beaded neckpiece and Aashiqah G Collection leather feather earings


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